Request Link by MkNxGn
What is Request Link?
Request Link is the latest MkNxGn tool to help automate your store. It is built to help you take online orders in a secure and painless manor. Set up your account, build your menu, and wait for the orders to come in!

Is it safe?
Built by MkNxGn, Request Link includes all the latest tools, and gadgets that keep it on the cutting edge to keep your customers stepping through your door. Say good bye to the old days of taking an order over the phone without payment for a no show customer. Request Link allows verified users to secure payment before order are put through, keeping your costs down.
How does it work?
Request link builds custom code based on your input and builds an interactive menu for your customers to swipe, tap, or click through. Import the code given to you on your website, facebook, or on an advertisment. When a customer fills out their order, our systems process it, and send it on it's way to you via your preferred method of transit.

Created By Mark
Endorsed By MkNxGn